Plano Senior High School Choral Mission Statement: 


The Plano Senior High School Choir is devoted to the cultivation of the art of choral music in the lives of its students and in the broader community; to teach techniques of musical expression; providing a sequential developmental music curriculum which allows each student an opportunity to build musical skills and understanding through a wide variety of quality musical experiences. Through choral music, we affirm the mission of Plano Senior High School, to graduate individuals prepared to function with integrity in a rapidly changing world.



Students selected for membership in the PSHS Choirs, should adhere to the following: 




We are dedicated to developing musical knowledge and experience using a wide variety of styles of music. Members are to give 100 % of their cooperation, concern, and support to the directors and to each other. Together we strive to meet these expectations for continued success. 


Participation yields: 

  1. Development of ability to sight-read 
  2. Development of strong, mature vocal quality 
  3. Development of tonal memory 
  4. Development of self-confidence and pride on stage 
  5. Mastery of diverse choral literature 
  6. Development of aesthetic appreciation