PSHS Choir Booster Club

The Plano Senior High Choir Booster Club is the organization that supports our choir students and includes ALL parents. It allows the choir directors to focus on developing the talent of our students by coordinating activities for the choir and by providing additional resources where necessary. We work closely with the choir directors to assist them in whatever way possible.


In this day of cut backs and fund decreases, it is essential that we supplement the limited funds that are allocated to the choir budget, in order to enhance the educational experience of our students.  The best thing you can do is become active in the Choir Booster Club! That doesn’t mean you have to volunteer for everything, but your participation is encouraged and appreciated. It takes an army of volunteers to make things run smoothly for the choir, and although they won’t admit it, your kids actually like having their parents involved in the choir activities!


The choir Booster CLUB provides:

  • "Visiting" choir directors, as needed throughout the year
  • Volunteers that work as chaperones and coordinate choir activities throughout the year for the students 
  • Newsletters throughout the year
  • New equipment as needed
  • Camp
  • TMEA Convention for Choir Directors
  • Other support as needed

The cost is $200 per year per student. 


This contribution will cover the following items:

  1. PSHS Choir Shirt
  2. 1- ticket to the end of the year Annual Choir Awards Banquet
  3. Choir Uniform –end of year professional dry cleaning
  4. Use of a PSHS Choir Fabric Uniform Garment Bag for performance attire
  5. Choir rehearsal materials
  6. Performance Accompanist/Instrumental Guest


Most importantly, benefits of participation include the satisfaction of knowing that you have done your share in the support of your child in the choir.